Steering Group meeting: 26 August

Apologies for the brief hiatus over the summer, but as we head towards the autumn the work of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum begins in earnest. The Forum Steering Group has its first meeting today, 26 August at 4.30pm at SoHost, 8 Berwick Street. The main business will be to prepare the way for the future work of the Forum. This means getting some of the procedural and administrative arrangements organised and discussing the best way forward for the working groups. Afterwards we will contact all Forum members with information about how the working groups will operate. A good number of … Continue reading Steering Group meeting: 26 August

Steering Group Nominees

Nominations for the Steering Group closed on Tuesday. There were 16 nominations for 16 places. At the Inaugural Meeting on Wednesday 8 July the following people will be proposed as the Soho Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group for the coming year: Residents: Matthew Bennett, Michael Case, Mike Fauconnier-Bank, Lucy Haine, Leslie Hardcastle, Clare Lynch, Andrew Murray, Ken White. Businesses: Anna Boyle, Sandra Schembri, Robin Smith, Jessica Stewart (all SMEs); Joe Chambers (larger business); John James, Robert Kirk (land holding interests); Jace Tyrrell (BID). To read more about the nominees, click here.   Continue reading Steering Group Nominees

Soho needs you!

Love Soho, have ideas and energy, and want to help keep Soho special?  You could be just what our Steering Group needs. Collaboration, organisation, administration, finance, social media and  IT skills are all useful. So is knowledge of development planning. HURRY! Nominations close at 12 noon on Tuesday 30 June.  To nominate yourself, send a brief statement (max 150 words) and a photo to: More details are in the previous post. Continue reading Soho needs you!

Invitation for Steering Group nominations.

Nominations are invited for the Forum Steering Group, which will be elected at the Inaugural Meeting on Wednesday 8 July. The deadline for nominations is 12 noon on Tuesday 30 June. The role of the Steering Group is to facilitate the work of the Forum, and it is accountable to members at the Annual General Meeting. Working Groups, to which any member can belong, will be the main vehicle for developing policies which could form part of a Neighbourhood Plan. However, the Steering Group has an important part to play in overseeing this and it is responsible for the formal … Continue reading Invitation for Steering Group nominations.

Notice of the Inaugural Meeting of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum

You are invited to the Inaugural Meeting of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum. Date: Wednesday 8 July Time: 6pm Venue: Soho Health Centre, 1 Frith Street, W1D 3HZ The formal business of the meeting will be chaired by Wendy Shillam (Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum). On the agenda the main items will be the following resolutions: to establish the Forum as an independent body as defined by the constitution to enable the Forum to operate financially to elect the members of the first Forum Steering Group (nominations close on Tuesday 30 June at 12 noon) Just as important will be the discussion of some of the key challenges and opportunities as we begin to plan … Continue reading Notice of the Inaugural Meeting of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum

Join us!

There is just one way to ensure you get an invitation to the first meeting of the Soho Neighborhood Forum on 8 July, sign up to the mailing list and let us know what kind of membership you want. If you live or work within the red line you are entitled to full membership and can also stand to be elected as a member of the steering group that helps keep things moving along. If you don’t live or work in this area, you can sign up as a visitor and be kept informed of what is happening. Fill in … Continue reading Join us!

Your invitation to join the neighbourhood forum

An update has taken place to the Soho Neighbourhood Forum mailing list. Until now, in order to sign up to the list all that was required was a name and email address. We are required by Localism Act 2011 and subsequent legislation to confirm that members of the neighbourhood forum are eligible to join. This is done by asking two questions about their work/living location, collecting their postcode and asking them to confirm they want to become a member. An email has been sent to the 100+ people on the mailing list asking them to convert/join the forum by supplying … Continue reading Your invitation to join the neighbourhood forum

The Soho Neighbourhood Forum is coming

The Soho Neighbourhood Forum will be a new organisation that prepares a neighbourhood plan for Soho. The neighbourhood forum formally comes into existence at the first annual general meeting that will take place on 8 July 2015. Under the terms of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum Constitution that was approved by Westminster City Council in 2014, preparations are now being made for that first annual general meeting. Neighbourhood planning is participatory for everyone who wants to get involved. It is open and democratic by default. Forum membership Forum membership is open to everyone who lives and/or works in Soho. The forum … Continue reading The Soho Neighbourhood Forum is coming