Plan for Soho draft Plan update

Across the past years Plan for Soho has developed policies for the Soho Neighbourhood Plan, engaging with the local community and building the evidence for the policies. We are happy to share our draft Plan, which is still in development. First Full Draft Rev4 26.7.18 This plan has been supported by wide local surveys, in addition to supported by reports, evidence and community consultation. All neighbourhood plans must align with wider plans and for Soho’s Neighbourhood Plan it will align with the London City Plan and our local authority, Westminster’s City Plan. Westminster’s City Plan is currently undergoing revision and the … Continue reading Plan for Soho draft Plan update

The Last Post … for the old website

We are just about to launch our new website. The address will be the same and it may take a little while to transfer so please be patient. But it should not be long before takes you to the new site. Please try again in a few hours! Update, 22.04.16: the site has now been transferred over. Posts from the old site are available on the new site to give something of the history that has led to where the Forum is now. We hope to sustain a more consistent web presence from now on! Continue reading The Last Post … for the old website

We’re working on it!

Following an excellent Training Day back in November, attended by more than 50 Forum members, our working groups are beginning to swing into action. The photo shows the first meeting of the Commercial Activity group which took place last week. However, this new stage of the Forum’s work will require us to make some adjustments. We want to be able to give all our members easy access to what is going on, as well as give potential members a better idea of what they can get involved in. This means we need to improve our website so that it is … Continue reading We’re working on it!

Register today!

We launch our working groups on Thursday 26 November with training for anyone who lives/works in Soho and would like to get involved. There will be two similar sessions at the House of St Barnabas, one from 3.30pm and one from 5.30pm. Places are still available, so if you want to contribute to developing a Plan for Soho, you can find more details, choose your session and register here. If you can’t make 26 November, but would like your views to be taken into account as our Plan for Soho is developed, you can simply become a Forum member here. Membership … Continue reading Register today!

Working group launch – speakers announced

Plans for the training day to kickstart our Forum working groups are now well advanced. Our venue is the wonderful House of St Barnabas, the training will be led by Angela Koch from Imagine Places and we now have two confirmed speakers, one for each session. In the afternoon we welcome Maggy Meade-King from Highgate Neighbourhood Forum, which is currently preparing to present a draft plan to its local councils. For the evening session we will be joined by James Earl from West Hampstead Neighbourhood Development Forum, which back in July gained 93% support from voters in the referendum on its … Continue reading Working group launch – speakers announced

@PlanforSoho: let’s get on with it!

Registrations are starting to come in for our training day on Thursday 26 November. Identical sessions will be held in the afternoon and evening, kindly hosted by the House of St Barnabas. The training will be led by Angela Koch, from Imagine Places, and is ideal for Forum members who want to get involved with the working groups which will develop ideas for our Neighbourhood Plan. These groups will cover aspects of Soho such as heritage, the environment and commercial activity, so that we can develop and enhance those things which make Soho special for residents, businesses and visitors. We’re looking … Continue reading @PlanforSoho: let’s get on with it!

26 November: a date for the diary!

The first event for Forum members will take place on Thursday 26 November. Everyone who has signed up for a working group is invited to attend. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry, as there will be a further opportunity soon. Led by Angela Koch from Imagine Places, the aim of the event is to equip members to play their part in the various Forum working groups. Details are still being finalised but there will be two sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, to give as many people as possible the chance to get involved. … Continue reading 26 November: a date for the diary!

Steering Group update, October 2015

Last week’s steering group meeting agreed a project plan for the work of the Forum. Our immediate goal is to get the working groups up and running. We hope to organise an event for this in November – more details as soon as final arrangements have been made. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far. If you haven’t done so yet – and have skills, views and time to contribute – it’s not too late to get involved. We will put out another call for volunteers soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to read through the comment cards … Continue reading Steering Group update, October 2015

Steering Group update, September 2015

Matthew Bennett is to be the temporary chair for the Forum Steering Group. Matthew was elected at the first meeting of the Steering Group on August 26, and will take on the role of chair while the Group does the groundwork for establishing the way forward. We are keen to get the proposed working groups up and running as soon as possible, but it is clear that some basic foundations have to be laid first. More details should be available following the next Steering Group meeting on 30 September. Some members have already expressed an interest in the working groups, … Continue reading Steering Group update, September 2015