Steering Group: notice of election

Nominations are invited for the Forum Steering Group, which will be elected at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 6 July. Any Forum member (who must live or work in the Soho Neighbourhood Area) is eligible and can nominate themselves. The deadline for nominations is 6pm on Tuesday 21 June. The role of the Steering Group is to facilitate the work of the Forum. It is responsible for the formal arrangements needed to carry out the Forum’s activities and is accountable to members at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Steering Group are expected to play an active role. … Continue reading Steering Group: notice of election

The Last Post … for the old website

We are just about to launch our new website. The address will be the same and it may take a little while to transfer so please be patient. But it should not be long before takes you to the new site. Please try again in a few hours! Update, 22.04.16: the site has now been transferred over. Posts from the old site are available on the new site to give something of the history that has led to where the Forum is now. We hope to sustain a more consistent web presence from now on! Continue reading The Last Post … for the old website

We’re working on it!

Following an excellent Training Day back in November, attended by more than 50 Forum members, our working groups are beginning to swing into action. The photo shows the first meeting of the Commercial Activity group which took place last week. However, this new stage of the Forum’s work will require us to make some adjustments. We want to be able to give all our members easy access to what is going on, as well as give potential members a better idea of what they can get involved in. This means we need to improve our website so that it is … Continue reading We’re working on it!