Invitation to Public Meeting at St Anne’s Church, 55 Dean Street at 6pm – Tuesday 13th July 2021

We are holding a public meeting on Tuesday 13th July at St Anne’s Church at 6pm.

There will be a short presentation about the Plan and how it has arrived at this stage followed by a Q&A.

What is the referendum for?

  • To make the Plan for Soho a legal policy document that will inform planning applications and developers must take into account.
  • What will your vote help achieve?

    • Preserve Soho’s heritage and character
    • Enhance the range and diversity of businesses
    • Ensure that development helps to achieve net zero carbon
    • Reinforce Soho’s reputation for creativity, diversity and tolerance
    • Drive the transition to walking and cycling with less traffic and congestion
    • Support growth in the residential community with appropriately sized units
    • New policies which tackle air quality, dumped waste, noise, nuisance, crime and anti-social behaviour.
    • Promotes walking and cycling

    Who can vote?

    • All residents on the voting register
    • All business (not individual employees) who pay business rates

    About the Plan…

    As part of the 2011 localism act, the Soho Neighbourhood Plan was formed as a business group in 2015, with a steering group made up of 8 residents and 8 businesses.

    The Plan was created grassroots up, via public surveys, policy groups breakfast meetings and direct public engagement in Soho square and Berwick Street market to capture local views over the last 7 years on planning, heritage, culture, night time economy, the environment, housing and more. 

    The Soho Neighbourhood Plan is ready for referendum and public vote.

    Read the final Soho Neighbourhood Plan here.

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