Get Involved! Westminster City Council opens the Future of Oxford Street Public Consultation

Westminster City Council has opened a new consultation on its proposals for a revised Oxford Street Strategy. Their new proposal features 96 projects across 87 spaces/streets identified, with major projects at Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Cavendish Square.

Westminster have earmarked £150 million over three years to support the realisation of the proposed plan.

The consultation is open until 16th December 2018to make sure your opinion is considered make sure you respond by this deadline.

All information on how you can respond can be found here.

Summary Headline Proposals:

Oxford Street will maintain two-way vehicle movement and will prioritise pedestrians, by reducing the width of the road and increasing pavements;

More space for pedestrians throughout the whole district;

Major improvements at key locations, including a new public piazza style space at Oxford Circus and a reinvigorated gateway to the West End at Marble Arch;

Encourage a year round programme of amazing cultural events and activities;

Manage traffic in a flexible way to respond to conditions, e.g. parts of the street could have restrictions at different times;

Work towards a future where all commercial vehicles that are not zero emission are banned and introduce a 20mph limit across the district;

Retain buses on Oxford Street 24 hours a day and ensure they are zero emission;

Encourage cycling and develop proposals for new cycling routes across the district;

Celebrate and revitalise the historic garden squares in the district, such as Cavendish Square;

Have more trees, planting and pop up parks;

Provide special lighting and promote world class architecture throughout the district ;

Change our planning policies, through the City Plan refresh (subject to a separate consultation), to give greater flexibility to encourage different and diverse uses such as leisure, offices, hotels and restaurants, without affecting resident amenity.

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