Explore Soho – Difference Festival, 26 February–3 March

Explore and celebrate Soho at this year’s Difference Festival, taking place from 26 February–3 March 2018.  

The festival, organised by the University of Westminster, kicks off on Monday 26 February, with daily lunch time walks and evening special events.  

The programme explores Soho’s history, community, its culture and heritage and it is mainly free of charge! Picks from the programme include:

The Streets of Swinging Soho – The Heart of Swinging London Walking tour explores the streets that defined London’s social revolution of the 1960s. Discover the history of Soho, from Carnaby Street’s Mod fashion to the glamorous night clubs frequented by the Beatles and the seedy underworld of prostitution and vice;

Found Theatre and Lost Gems – visit the site of  London’s Soho Poly theatre  – the famous subterranean venue and a radical pioneer of lunchtime theatre in the 1970s – 80s;

The Changing Spaces of Soho: Lived Experiences and Sexual Histories: The Queer London Research Forum hosts a roundtable on the changing spaces of Soho and their impact on both lived experiences and sexual histories; 

Conflicted Spaces and the Battle of Styles: Discover the development of Regent Street in the 19th century, built to showcase Britain’s power and wealth, and double as a barrier between the West End and the riff-raff of Soho. Explore how these ideas were challenged, and learn about the area’s history through its varied and conflicting architectural styles.

For more information and tickets visit: here 

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