SAVE THE DATE: Plan for Soho’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 4th July

Come and meet Plan for Soho in July!

Plan for Soho invite you to join us for our Annual General Meeting on:

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 6pm – 8pm,

Come to Plan for Soho’s Annual General Meeting where you can hear about progress on the Soho Neighbourhood Plan over the last year, our future plans and also have your say!

Importantly, the AGM will also be the time to re-elect members of the Forum Steering Group (FSG)  – please watch this space for more updates over the coming months.

Not a member of the Soho Neighbourhood Plan yet? If you live or work in the Soho Neighbourhood Area you can be! Come to the AGM and simply provide your name and address (work/live) when you arrive at the welcome desk and you can become a member there and then!

Plan for Soho is guided by it’s Forum Steering Group (FSG) which has had a productive year and all the current 15 Forum Steering Group members wish to stand again.

The FSG meet once a month (usually on Wednesday evenings) in Soho for two hours, to discuss activity and help steer the progression of the Soho Neighbourhood Plan.


IMPORTANT ENTRANCE AND ACESSS INFORMATION: The meeting space, although held at the NHS Community Centre, has a different entrance – to access the meeting space, please walk around the corner to  29 Soho Square – the meeting room is on the first floor. There will be representatives at the entrance to welcome you too.

At the AGM,  the minutes from last year’s 2017 AGM and reports of our progress for the past year, 2017-18, will be received.




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