Soho on Film: “Soho A Go Go” festival 29 & 30 April at the Regents St Cinema

Soho A GogoSoho A Gogo film festival on April 29th & 30th


Soho – where love comes cheap, money comes hard, and life is a girl with a suitcase, a thousand miles from home….

From the jazz clubs of Tubby Hayes, All Night Long and The Small World Of Sammy Lee with its amazing soundtrack to the coffee bars, strip clubs and clip joints of Expresso Bongo, the beatnik scene of Beat Girl and the lavish recreation of late 50s London in Absolute Beginners, the Soho A Gogo film festival celebrates a fast disappearing side of London’s Soho.

For more information and tickets please visit:


Regents St Cinema, 307 Regent St, London, W1B 2HW

Tel: 0207 911 5050




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