From Working Groups to Policy Development Teams

Not the catchiest headline! But there has been another step forward in our efforts to draft a Neighbourhood Plan.

Following the AGM, the Soho Survey and the autumn Facts and Figures Day, the six working groups which identified the key issues for the plan to tackle have evolved into three policy development teams (PDTs) as follows:

  1. Culture, Heritage and Commercial Activity
  2. Housing
  3. Environment

Issues such as protecting Soho’s creative industries, developing more social housing and improving air quality received strong public support in the survey. Now the task of the PDTs is to identify potential policies which could help achieve these ambitions and to gather evidence which will help to shape those policies.

Forum members who were active in the working groups have been given the opportunity to play a part in the PDTs, but it is open to any member to get involved. Some degree of commitment is required at this stage and so a protocol for the PDTs has been agreed by the Steering Group. You can find the protocol here.

Dates of meetings can be found on our calendar here. If you would like to know more, please contact our Planning Coordinator, Anna Doyle at