What’s special about Soho?

Where do we start?

The Spirit of Soho mural, on Broadwick Street at the junction with Carnaby Street, is as good a place as any. It was designed and made as a community project back in 1991 to celebrate the life and heritage of Soho. A special project, for a special place.

Time has moved on, and Soho has faced a number of challenges since, but the spirit of Soho is still very much alive.

But rather than tell you why Soho is still special today, why don’t you tell us?

Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “What’s special about Soho?

  1. The Chinese National Healthy Living Centre.
    Watson’s Pharmacy.
    Soho NHS Walkin Centre.
    The GP practices and dental centre.
    All housed in the beautiful Hospital for Women on Soho Square.
    Keep our NHS public!

  2. Berwick Street Market has been independent for 300 years yet Westminster City Council has decided to privatise it with barely any consultation – It’s all happening behind the scenes – private operators are already in the tender process and traders’ licences have been terminated without warning. These licences are peoples livelihoods, businesses and relationships, and belong to traders who are part of Soho’s history and culture. Berwick Street Market is now the frontline of the relentless cleansing of Soho. Yet Berwick Street Market definitely makes Soho Special. Please sign our petition to stop the privatisation and keep our much loved Berwick Street Market Independent. https://www.change.org/p/edward-watson-keep-berwick-street-market-independent

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